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About Us

Let's be honest, traditional teeth whitening is usually not a pleasant experience.

It's painful, it causes sensitivity, or it can be a long trip to the dentist.We knew there had to be a better way to whiten.So I did some research, talked to experts in the field, and learned a lot about traditional whitening methods.Cause of the problems?Peroxide.


We are building the future of smile care, step by step.

Every day we are in the lab, learning from our community, and collaborating with the best dentists to develop products that will make your smile flawless and healthy.We believe that oral hygiene can and should be effective and safe.


Let's create an at home teeth whitening product without side effects

In 2016, we launched our first teeth whitening set.The iSmile set lived up to all the expectations of our customers.It was safe, easy to use, and completely free of peroxides.


350.000 reviews in 5 years

During last 5 years we sold hundreds of thousands of products all over Europe and the USA. We received many positive reviews, which denote the quality of our products.

We have delivered the iSmile products to

tens of thousands of influencers around the world.

It was time to start a conversation about better ways to whiten.Over time, we've built a community of beauty bloggers who are passionate about teeth whitening.iSmile had become a staple in the bathrooms of some of the biggest names in the world.


We have continued to invest in research and development.

With a new platform for education, we created the iSmile Research Club, our own product formulation and testing unit.Every day our team continues to work with top dentists, product experts and the iSmile community to create the future of teeth whitening.

we are

No.1 Oral-care MArketplace in europe

What started in 2016 with a teeth whitening kit has since grown into a global community of over 3 million people. The best part?It is built by people who care as much as we do about researching and testing oral hygiene products.

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We are building the future of oral-careusing Artificial Intelligence. Every day. we are in the lab, learning from our community, and collaborating with the best engineers to develop oral-care products that will make your Smile brighter & healthier.